Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Eric Naftulin or Eric D. Naftulin - There's 5 of Us With the Same Name

I just found out there's at LEAST 5 other people named either Eric Naftulin or Eric D. Naftulin in the United States. That just seems crazy to me considering Naftulin's not a very common name! In fact once in a while I get calls or emails or letters meant for other Eric Naftulins. Funny!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Which Los Angeles Summer Camps are Best?

I just wrote an article about how to identify the best summer camps in Los Angeles (or anywhere else, for that matter). My position is that the best camp for one person may not be best for another -- it's all subjective and based on personal choice. Let me know if you enjoy the article! :)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Marketing's Next Big Thing

I write a summer camp marketing blog called Camp Marketing News. Read primarily by camp owners and directors, many small business owners from all kinds of companies read it too for marketing tips and advice. A guy who runs his own small toy store emailed me today asking what I thought the "next big thing" in marketing will be. I wish I had a crystal ball. But in my opinion the #1 overlooked aspect in marketing is social media marketing to/for seniors, and the next big THING in marketing will be mobile marketing to seniors as well. Only time will tell if I'm right or wrong.

What's a Good Business to Start?

I own my own company, so people ask me this sometimes. Service businesses are the least risky in my opinion. Anything you can do that saves people time and money, provides a solution to their problems and which they either can't or won't do themselves is the best way to go. It always helps if you have an interest in the business you're starting and aptitude, but you can certainly learn on the job as new customers come your way.

"What Do You Do the Rest of the Year?"

People ask me that all the time! Most don't realize that running a summer camp is a full-time job! In fact operating the actual program during the summer is often LESS work than all the prep time that goes into making sure the camp season goes smoothly. When camp ends each August, I generally take a few weeks off, then it's right back on the horse again preparing for the next year.