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The #1 Secret of How to Choose the Best Summer Camp For You

The # 1 Secret of Choosing the Best Summer Camp is Choosing a Camp Where Your Kids Want to Go  I was at my kids' baseball game the other day when I overheard two moms on our team talking about which summer camps to send their kids to this summer. Then a couple other moms chimed in, then a few more. Suddenly it was a group discussion about which are "hot" new camps to check out this summer here in L.A. Now I generally don't eavesdrop and I certainly did my best to mind my own business this time as always. But I won't lie, these women made no attempt to keep their conversation private. They were as loud as anyone, even as loud as all the other people cheering at the baseball game. And since I own a local day camp here in L.A myself, I decided to keep my mouth shut ears open and just try to listen to what these ladies were saying. It wasn't always easy to hear exactly what they were talking about because they kept talking over each other and the chee

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